Welcome to the Med-Sense Guaranteed Association
Through your membership in MSGA, you will enjoy discounts on a variety of Health, Travel, Consumer, and Business services. MSGA provides memberships to individuals; some benefits may extend to dependents of members.

Your member benefits, discounts, and services are explained in detail on this site, and your access codes are available to you in your Membership Guide. Access to your membership guide should arrive to you within 10 days of joining the association and is also available for download through your login. To access your account, simply use the user name and password that was e-mailed to you in your welcome letter. Not a member of MSGA yet? That's ok. Just fill out one of our Membership Applications and a representative will contact you.

You can count on MSGA to continuously and aggressively seek out new discounts to add further value to your membership in the association. As always, we invite and encourage your suggestions on ways MSGA can be increasingly beneficial to you. You can visit our Contact Us page for more benefit inquiries.

Again, we extend to you a most cordial welcome to the Med-Sense Guaranteed Association.

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