MSGA Nursing

Scholarship Program

The Board of Directors of the Med-Sense Guaranteed Association has selected the St. John's Hospital School of Nursing as the recipient of its 2015 Nursing Scholarship Program Award. The St. John's Hospital School of Nursing was selected to receive scholarship funds of $25,000 to provide scholarships to nursing students in their final year of study in the nursing program.

This nursing scholarship program helps students in multiple ways; firstly, it provides students the ability to graduate when they have exhausted other avenues of receiving financial assistance. Second, the surrounding communities gain licensed medical professionals to help address the health and medical needs of the area.

The Association will be looking to provide an additional Nursing Program Scholarship in 2016 with certain criteria, and should be located in a medically under served region or economically challenged area. If you have suggestions or recommendations, please email your comments to the Association at There is more to come over the upcoming months; watch for updates on this program and updates on individuals who have been positively affected by this scholarship program. The Association will continue to provide member scholarships to students in need of assistance.


Individual Scholarship Recipients

Devin Deaton
Ouida Campbell
Samuel Cooney
Feroz Manuel Quirino Fernandes
Jamie Bohlen
Chris-Annie Joseph
Mark Liban
Justin Tokes
Oluwatomiwa Bami-Ogunbiyi
William Smith
Maria Theresa Roberts
Brooke Tokes

Arkansas Tech University
Jefferson State Community College
Kansas State University
De Paul University
Doane College
Baton Rouge Community College
Idaho State University
Kent State University
University of Texas at Tyler
Arapahoe Community College
Casper College
Bowling Green State University